Geek Alert – WYSIWYG Plugin para WordPress

Primero que nada este es un mensaje completamente tecnico y de poco interes para mi lector comun (1 de los 2 que tengo)…

Ahora si pasando a cosas mas geeks, en estos dias hice publico mi primer plugin para WordPress titulado WYSIWYG Plugin. La idea de este plugin es implementar una interfase grafica basada en DHTML y Javascript para la edicion de mensajes de la consola adinistrativa de WP.

Puesto en otras palabras pa’ que todos puedan escribir bonito y poner grafiquitas sin pelarsela.

Para mas info visita “el wiki”: (no el “Wookiee”:

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  1. hi,

    i just tried to install the wysiwyg-plugin. i don’t know what ist did wrong, but i always get a java-script-error which says that there is no “wp”-template.

    thanks in advance.


  2. After checking a few things I think that I know what the problem is… I only need to check one more thing.

    Could everyone check what version of PHP are you using? I think that it might be a problem with older version of PHP.

  3. By any chance, did any of you had an old version installed?

    Make sure you replace ALL the files including the fckeditor directory.

    Also CLEAR YOUR CACHE… I think that the errors that many of you are getting might be related to old files stocked in your cache.

  4. No, this was the first version of both PHP and the fckeditor we have installed. Cleared the cache but still having the problem.

  5. Moises,
    I noticed that in the fckconfig.js file, the wp toolbar set is commented out. Is there a reason for that since that’s the toolbar set you’re attempting to call?

  6. Yes, there is a reason for that… if you check on the same file there is an option for an external configuration…

    In that option I call the plugin and it returns the cofiguration for that toolbar. Thats how I manage to modified the toolbar from the plugin (at least on my installation & some others that I been informed of).

    What I’m thinking of doing is to uncomment that toolbar and If the external configuration works on your installation then it will simply rewrite it and that way it should work for everyone (either by default configuration or custom configuration).

    If you have any clue on why the external configuration is not working please let me know.

  7. Moises,
    First, thanks for the work you’ve done on this plugin!

    Second, I’m having a problem with the size of the textarea box where I’m entering my posting, and where the FCKEditor toolbar is being displayed.

    More specifically, I have set (via the WP Options) the text entry box to be 30 lines in height. This setting works properly when I have your plugin deactivated, and the quicktags are the only thing working. However, when I activate your plugin, the toolbar shows up but the height of the text entry area is only about 10 lines. If I view the source for the page, it shows that the height should be 30 lines, but it just isn’t displaying that way.

    Any ideas?


  8. I’ve got it!!!

    Ok guys, I think that I found the error, now you can download version 0.6.1 wich fixes the problem.

    Have fun and keep reporting any errors.

  9. hola! Hi!

    A mi me sigue produciendo el mismo error la version 0.6.1!!,,,no encuentra “wp”

    I have the same error with 0.6.1!!,,,it doesn’t find “wp”.

  10. Tambien remplazaste la carpeta FCKeditor???

    Las modificaciones se hicieron tanto en el plugin como en algunos archivos que estan adentro de esa carpeta.

  11. Hola!

    De hecho el plugin me devuelve ese error cuando trabajo con Internet Explorer, ultima version. En cambio, si utilizo Firefox, me funciona perfectamente!!


  12. Hola Moises! No hablo mucho espanol – lo siento. I really like your WYSIWYG plugin. It works well in Firefox but I can’t make it work in IE. Any ideas?

  13. Nope, sorry Moises, now I’m getting this error with WYSIWYG II
    Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in c:\appserv\www\dadoo\wp-includes\functions-formatting.php on line 13

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