Millones de dolares

Demonios y yo que “nunca recibi”:,1367,65631,00.html mis millones y millones de dolares por ayudar a familias millonarias de Nigeria.

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  1. Este es uno de los emails originales:


    Dear Sir/Madam

    With due respect, trust and humility, I write to you this proposal, which I believe would be of great interest to you. I find your contact while I was doing a private research on the Internet for a reliable and capable foreign partner that will assist my family and I to transfer fund to his personal or private account and for investment purpose. I am Mrs. Jocelyn Robinson the wife of Late Mr. Ernest Robinson, who was the “Chairman” of the farmer’s co-operation in Zimbabwe.

    My Husband was among the few blacks that were murdered in cold blood by the President Robert Mugabe Administration during the land dispute that just happened in Zimbabwe. After the death of my husband, my three children and I decided to move out of ZIMBABWE because our lives were in danger because of the money that my father kept in his hidden safe in our house.

    The amount contained in the safe is $30,000,000 (THIRTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS). This money was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for the farms and establishment of new farms in Swaziland. After the death my husband died we moved to South Africa and deposited this money in a security company in a box as valuables belonging to our foreign partner pending when we see somebody that will assist us, for the safety of our life. I have concluded arrangement with the board of trustee’s of the Security Company to transfer the deposit to oversea country where it will be easily accessible to me and my children. This frame of mind is to ensure the fund safety because of political instability in Africa in general and for hitch free redeeming/transferring of our money to a safe bank account, and the Company informed that they can only transfer such value/volume of deposit to the following continents (Europe, Asia, Arabian and American), where they informed that they have affiliate office.

    The idea involving you in this transaction is for you to assist me receive this deposit as final receiver/beneficiary in any of the countries as they may inform and assist me in transferring this money to your overseas account for investment purposes outside African continent for my family and me. I have also decided to move some one from my side to meet with you in the Country in order that both of you can successfully handle this transaction for me to fruition upon establishing trust, the code/password for release will equally be handed over to whosoever coming from my side to meet with you for easy claim of deposit by both of you without difficulty.

    We are presently in South Africa as Refugee (Asylum Seekers) We are ready to give you 30% of the total amount for the inconveniences this we cost you and for accepting to assist us, contact me on the above on the email address provided, and indicating your interest as soon as possible, on receiving of your acceptance, I shall be glad to give you more clarification on the modalities needed for smooth successful completion of this transaction. As a result of my husband’s untimely death I suffered a severe health problem, which has placed me on bed rest for some months now. So my eldest son in person of Mr. George Robinson will be communicating with you further on how to go about the transaction as you will show wiliness in assisting us.

    I anticipate your quick response.

    Best regard.

    Mrs. Jocelyn Robinson (For and On behalf of my family)

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